Bag Sale VIP Card
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Bag Sale VIP Card

Price: $10.00


Our VIP card gets you early access to our awesome, can’t be missed, Fill a Bag Sale! VIP cards are valid for 1 year from the purchase date (usually 2 fill a bag sales!). Each person planning on entering the sale area early MUST have a valid VIP card. For March’s bag sale you will get into the sale at 4:15pm with your VIP card. 
Our average price for a top/dress is $18.99. Getting just 15 of these items in the bag sale brings your cost per item to $1.67. LESS THAN $2! On tops and dresses alone you are saving $259.85 (without VIP card), or $249.85 (with purchase of VIP card). Most people can fit 20-35 items in their bag.


IMPORTANT: You must keep a copy of your receipt. This is your VIP card. Only original receipts will be accepted. Anyone found making copies will be banned from the sales. For online VIP card purchases, we will check name and ID against online sales records. Vip cards are valid for 1 year from purchase date.

Click Fill a Bag Sale Info for sale info!

Bag Sale VIP Card