We have decided to create a frequently asked questions area, where you can get answers quickly, and learn a little more about us! We will update this page when needed.

1. Q: Is there a consignment fee?

A: We do not charge a fee for you to consign with us.


2. Q: What percentage will I receive from my items that sell?

A: Please visit our consign with us page!


3. Q: Do you accept replica designer, or designer inspired items?

A: No. Replica items are illegal to sell, resell, or buy knowing they are fake. Designer inspired items may not be illegal, but they are no better than replica items. The difference? Designer inspired items are missing the copy righted logo/designer name, which is why they are legal. Sending us replica or designer inspired items, may result in a termination of your consignment account.


4. Q: How long will you keep my items for consignment?

A: We keep items for a 90 day consignment period. For some items, we may ask to keep them for an additional 30 days after the first 90 days are up.


5. Q: I live out of state, or more than 30 minutes away. How can I get my items to you for consignment?

A: We offer a free ship to us option. We will e-mail you a prepaid USPS label. All you have to do is print it out, pack up your items, and send it out! We do ask that you include a packing list and have a copy of it for yourself.


6. Q: How many views does your website get a month?

A: Our website receives an average of 11,000 views a month. Some months we may have more, other months we may have less.


7. Q: Do you advertise any of your items for sale?

A: Yes. We advertise almost everything we have. We use facebook, craigslist, and sometimes local papers.


8. Q: I saw something on your facebook I would like to purchase. How do I do so?

A:¬†You can give us a call during business hours (717 668 3020) or if it’s available in our online store purchase there.


9. Q: What company do you use to process your online payments?

A: We use PayPal for all credit card and PayPal transcations. It is 100% secure and we never see your credit card information.


10. Q: I live out of the country. Will you still ship to me?

A: Yes we will, however the process for international shipping is a little different. We do offer shipping to Canada, and Australia. Please e-mail us or send us a facebook message if your location is not listed, and with the item(s) you would like to purchase and your address. We will get you a shipping quote, and order total. If everything looks good to you, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the bill.


11. Q: I live out-of-state, and forgot to select USPS for my shipping option. What can I do?

A: E-mail us if we haven’t caught it and let us know! Shipping is only an additional $7.99. If you’re order is over $100, don’t worry about it, shipping is free anyway, just let us know you’d like it shipped.


12. Q: I chose in-store pickup when ordering online. Where do I pick up my items?

A: You can pick up your items at our storefront!. We ask that you pick your items up within 2 weeks. If you can’t, please let us know in advance. If orders are not picked up within 60 days, there is a re-stocking fee that will be subtracted from your refund. We will let you know what the re-stocking fee is before refunding you.

13: Q: Do you accept offers on your items?

A: No. We research each item that comes thru our door, and price it accordingly.


14: Q: Do you sell things as sets and individually?
A: Yes. We ask consignors when they have outfits, or purse and wallet sets if they would like them sold individually, or together. We leave it up to the consignors.